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So far I’ve written the following on dollar bin discoveries.  After some time doing this, there’s a lot to read in the Bargains, Busts, and the Rest sections.  Plus, all my soapbox diatribes are listed all the way at the bottom as well.  I’m sure the Internet appreciates me filling up even more space!

.: Bargains :.

A Band of Bees – Free the Bees

The Adored – A New Language

Autolux – Future Perfect

Bad Wizard – Sky High

Be Your Own Pet – Self-titled

Beulah – The Coast is Never Clear

Bitesize – Sophomore Slump

Black Kids – Partie Traumatic

The Blue Van – The Art of Rolling

The Blue Van – Dear Independence

Boards of Canada – Geogaddi

Cheap Time – Self-titled

Clinic – Walking With Thee

Danava – Unonou

Danko Jones – Sleep is the Enemy

De La Soul – Stakes Is High

The Dials – Flex Time

Diamond Nights – Popsicle

The Ditty Bops – Moon Over the Freeway

The Flaming Sideburns – Save Rock N Roll

Peter Gammons – Never Slow Down, Never Grow Old

Gigolo Aunts – Flippin’ Out

The Giraffes – Self-titled

The Heavy Circles – Self-titled

Honolulu Jazz Quartet – Tenacity

Jackson Browne – The Pretender

The Joggers – With a Cape and a Cane

John Brown’s Body – Among Them

Johnossi – Self-Titled

Jucifer – Calling All Cars on the Vegas Strip

Kill Cheerleader – All Hail

Le Mans – Le Mans/Entresemana

The Magic Numbers – Those the Brokes

Mando Diao – Ode to Ochrasy

Nicolas Matar – Latitude 40 Degrees

Chris Mills – Kiss It Goodbye

New Model Army – Great Expectations (The Singles Collection)

Northern State – Can I Keep This Pen?

Nurse & Soldier – Marginalia

Oranger – New Comes and Goes

Piebald – All Ears, All Eyes, All the Time

Plastiscines – LP1

Red Aunts – #1 Chicken

The Rondelles – Shined Nickels and Loose Change

The Rumble Strips – Girls and Weather

RZA – The RZA Hits

Seks Bomba – Operation B.O.M.B.A.

The Shods – Bamboozled, Jilted, Hornswoggled and Hoodwinked

The Sirens – Self-titled

Sloan – Smeared

Sonic Youth – Sonic Nurse

Spindrift – The West

Stereolab – Dots and Loops

The Stills – Logic Will Break Your Heart

Sugar – File Under: Easy Listening

Super Furry Animals – Rings Around the World

Surface of Eceon – Dragyyn

Tarnation – Gentle Creatures

Tarnation – Mirador

Teachers Pet – Self-Titled

The Things – Wild Psychotic Sounds EP

Tralala – Self-Titled

Various Artists – Let’s Get Rid of L.A.: 15 Bands From Underneath the Ruins of Southern California

Various Artists – MOJO: All the Young Dudes

Various Artists – MOJO: Beyond Punk!

Various Artists – MOJO: Studio One Selector

Various Artists – The Rocky Horror Show (Original London Cast 1973)

Various Artists – Secret Recipe From the Far East

Various Artists – Shortbus Soundtrack

The Wonder Stuff – The Eight Legged Groove Machine

The Wrens – The Meadowlands

.: Busts :.

Adventures in Stereo – Alternative Stereo Sounds

Rick Astley – Free

Catatonia – International Velvet

The Coachwhips – Peanut Butter Jelly: Live at the Ginger Minge

Crushes – Hyperirony

The Fibonaccis – Repressed The Best of the Fibonaccis 1981-1987

Future Bible Heroes – I’m Lonely (and I Love It) EP

Happy Mondays – Double Easy: The U.S. Singles

The Headhunters – The Return of the Headhunters

The Lappetites – Before the Libretto

Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz – Crunk Juice

NYCO – Two

Powersolo – Egg

Prinzhorn Dance School – Self-titled

Shades Apart – Eyewitness

Some Girls – Heaven’s Pregnant Teens

Stereophonics – Performance and Cocktails

Spider Cunts – Stuck Up -N- Mean

Steel Mammoth – Atomic Mountain

Various Artists – It Came From Beneath L.A.

Various Artists – Look Directly Into the Sun: China Pop 2007

Xiu Xiu – Life and Live

.: The Rest :.

22-20s – Self-titled

A Band of Bees – Sunshine Hit Me

Annuals – Such Fun

The Blake Babies – Innocence and Experience

David Thomas Broughton – It’s In There Somewhere…

Bullet Lavolta – The Gift

Castanets – In the Vines

The Coke Dares – Feelin’ Up

Cradle of Smurf – Self-Titled

Crystal Skulls – Blocked Numbers

The D4 – 6Twenty

The Damn Personals – Standing Still in the USA

Dana Cooper – The Conjurer

The Datsuns – Self-Titled

The Dirty Things – Making Noises EP

The Donnas – Spend the Night

Eleventh Dream Day – Lived to Tell

Eddy Grant – Killer on the Rampage

Fitz of Depression – Swing

Edith Frost – Telescopic

Future Bible Heroes – I’m Lonely EP

Gigolo Aunts – Minor Chords and Major Themes

Golden Smog – On Golden Smog EP

The Gordon Highlanders – The Bagpipes and Drums of Scotland

Halfcocked – The Last Star

Hammerhead – Into the Vortex

The Hellacopters – Supershitty to the Max!

The Hissyfits – Letters From Frank

The Hives – Club Vera Live (February 13th, 2001 in Holland)

The Jessica Fletchers – Less Sophistication

KaitO – You’ve Seen Us… You Must Have Seen Us…

Lento – Earthen

Les Black’s Amazing Pink Holes – Breakfast With the Holes

The Libertines – Self-Titled

The Loved Ones – Build & Burn

Love Is All – Nine Times That Same Song

Love Psychedelico – This is Love Psychedelico

LTJ X-Perience – Moon Beat

The Makers – Strangest Parade

Marxy – Kyushu Nostalgia

Motley Crue – Girls, Girls, Girls

Moving Units – Dangerous Dreams

The New York Loose – Loosen Up EP

Nine Black Alps – Everything Is

No Motiv – Diagram for Healing

The Old Haunts – Poisonous Times

Piebald – If It Weren’t For Venetian Blinds It Would Be Curtains For Us All

Pink Floyd – The Division Bell

The Pink Spiders – Teenage Graffiti

Quintaine Americana – Needles

Radio 4 – Gotham

The Replicants – Self-titled

The Revelers – Day In Day Out

Rival Schools – United By Fate

Samiam – You Are Freaking Me Out

Shesus – Loves You Loves You Not

Shocking Pinks – Self-titled

The Sippy Cups – Electric Storyland!

Some Action – The Band That Sucked the Life…

The Sounds – Living in America

Stardeath and White Dwarfs – The Birth

Starsailor – Love is Here

The Stomachmouths – Born Losers

The Stratford 4 – Love and Distortion

Suarasama – Fajar Di Atas Awan

Sugar – Beaster EP

Sugar – Besides

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant – Gear Blues

Trapped By Mormons – Go Go Go EP

Trenchcoat Club – College Radio Won’t Play This, It’s Not on a Major Label

The VaGiants – Short and Hard

Various Artists – Cheese Borger’s Pie and Ears Volume 2

Various Artists – Crydamoure Presents “Waves”

Various Artists – Fear of a Black Hat soundtrack

Various Artists – What’s Up Matador

Velocity Girl – Simpatico

Warship – Supply and Depend

Wolverine Brass – Wicked Witch

Wreckx-N-Effect – Hard or Smooth

Yatsura – We Are Yatsura

.: … And Other Articles :.

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