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Various Artists – MOJO: All the Young Dudes

youngDudesMOJO magazine, May 2009

In a total disregard to that cute, minimized phrase of “Not to be sold separately”, I’ve seen many used music stores sell these compilations that are included with monthly issues of Mojo magazine out of England.  I managed to get this one for only a dollar in Chicago, yet I’ve seen them sold for $5 around Boston and upwards of $10 in New York City.  It’s usually only worth a few quarters, if that, because I’ve found that these compilations are crummy more often than not.  I don’t think I’ve truly enjoyed a single one through and through, even if I’ve only been picking up MOJO magazines off and on for a few years.  Sometimes the magazine will entice you with the music material, or they’ll throw a few somewhat popular bands at you as motivation to buy the magazine for that month.  Usually this means that you’ll get a C-level track from the big bands and a bunch of filler that, although themed well, turns out to be a collection of tossers.  I don’t think I’ve kept, or at least listened to frequently, a single MOJO compilation.  However, I give the magazine props for trying.

Thank goodness I was not entirely jaded from previous compilation failures when I saw multiple copies of this compilation in a used bin stack.  I love that 70s British rock period, for one thing.  Something about the rock n roll combined with the sexual vibe as well as dodging the classic rock tag out of America seems to work for me.  Bowie from that time, the glam that ensued .. fantastic stuff.  So imagine my surprise when this compilation dished out some instant greatness with T.Rex, Motorhead, and some guy named Larry Wallis early on.  Even the Mott the Hoople track, which isn’t “All the Young Dudes”, holds up as a great tune.  A few songs get a little British midway through, if you get me, yet I found that for the first time in possibly ever I have enjoyed a MOJO compilation nearly in its entirety.  Even once I got past the bands I recognized, I liked what Be-Bop Deluxe and Jook brought on, as well as a high energy rocker from Bearded Lady entitled “Rock Star”.  This disc, finally, is a keeper.

Alas, with the shutdown of Lala, I’ve got nothing for you to listen to.  However, you can always search around Grooveshark and see if there’s a couple of tunes from this compilation to listen to!

Difficult thing with this review is that, though I’d like for you to go check out this fine compilation, finding it affordably is tricky. Like I mentioned before, most places don’t pawn this off for under $3, so you might just have to compile this yourself using mp3s and artwork found online somewhere. I would still caution one from buying these things for a top price since they are, usually, throwaways that aren’t all that interesting. However, if you can find one on the cheap these MOJO compilations do provide a pretty good look into the age or theme that the magazine has featured for that month. They are also impervious to age, as most compilations are based on decades in the past. So in conclusion, regardless of what you think of the cds themselves, everyone should definitely go out and pick up a MOJO magazine to experience some great music writing that will take you days to fully read over. I’m a subscription man, myself!

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