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Love Psychedelico – This is Love Psychedelico

HackTone Records, 2008

With an absolute mob scene of artists jostling to grab the attention spans of millions of Americans, it comes as a wonder as to which artists have yet to do so.  This usually has nothing to with their aspirations and more to do with the rather crowded and money-making mentality of the American music business, which no doubt puts up some walls when it comes to opportunities for groups outside of the country.  This makes some sense, I suppose, since we’re wrapped up in ourselves as pioneers of music that doesn’t involve sitars or strange one-string instruments that an elderly guy likes to twang in the middle of Harvard Square once in awhile.  Unless one is Canadian or British, it is not likely that a band from the hundreds of other countries will have influenced the general masses in the States.

This does not stop those outsider artists from trying, of course.  Although you’ve likely never heard of them, Love Psychedelico appear to be huge, Huge, in Japan and the surrounding asian countries.  I mean, hey, check them out at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.

They love ’em over there!  You’re lucky to get a crowd handclapping simultaneously for 10 seconds before we get bored over here.  As you can see, Love Psychedelico are a pop duo that plays positive music with a bright amount of energy.  Nothing crude, nothing flashy, just straight pop.  Unlike the metalheads, country dancers and goths roaming around various cities and establishments in the U.S., most of the populations in China, Korea and Japan are really big into sappy pop that focuses on the vocals instead of glitz and hooks.  Now granted, Love Psychedelico doesn’t seem terribly sappy, but they are always upbeat and crisp.

Along with the release of this record last year, Love Psychedelico decided it was time to gauge how an American audience might receive them by going on their first U.S. Tour.  If one gave a listen to the record before they showed up they might’ve wanted to go out and see them because, like that live clip above, they do have the stage thing down.  The record itself is what can be expected with some light pop and a lot of strong singing from Kumi.  At first I thought the songs were going to be in Japanese, but then I heard her sing in English.  Turns out she mixes the lyrics up in Japanese and English in each song, sometimes within the same sentence.  This makes deciphering a bit tricky, but as you can imagine it is not like you’re going to get a really thick story out of this stuff since most of it is about love or loss of love.   Most of the music has standard, mostly supportive beats, though such simplicity works for songs like “Your Song”, “Unchained”, and “My Last Fight” (stream them here).  Other songs are a little too light to the point of boring in my opinion, but then again, I’m not from the other side of the world.

For a dollar this was an educational pick up that got me to write a little more than I thought I would.  Since I’m rather more familiar these days with Korean pop music and have listened to a lot of Shonen Knife over the years, I had a good idea of what this group would sound like before I gave it a spin.  I also figured that the note on the album’s back cover of “100% Pure Rock & Roll” was more of an amusement than a likely truth.  Overall it’s a bouncy disc that those who aren’t searching for something particularly complicated but would at least want music that doesn’t bring them down could enjoy.  I am not sure if Love Psychedelico are going to try another venture to America anytime soon, but if you’ve got some vacation time set aside and are thinking of going to Japan, you might want to consider buying tickets early to see these guys.  I hear they sell out Budokan.


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