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Adventures in Stereo – Alternative Stereo Sounds

Bobsled Records, 1998advInStereo

The acquisition of this record was mainly due to what is known as a ‘brain fart’.  In a moment of faulty recollection, I thought I was nabbing a cheap record from Apples in Stereo.  I am not all that familiar with the faces or names from said band, and since they’re a very poppy, colorful group I figured this record could easily have been from them.  At least I walked out of this with my educated guess hitting on most points, but it ended up being an unfortunate disaster.

Adventures in Stereo are a trio from Scotland that specialize in very light pop and rather basic musicianship.  Judith Boyle, whose face is making a strong attempt at luring in cheap record buyers on the album cover, airily sings about cheery stuff like “A Brand New Day” and “Here Together” usually under two minutes.  Boyle’s voice tends to register rather high without too much variation, and though the double tracking of her voice adds a little more depth for some songs, it isn’t a true strength for any of the tunes.  That leaves the aforementioned simplistic musicianship from the two guys in the band, who were definitely trying to channel an early Beach Boys sound.  Too bad the vocals definitely can’t compare.

Overall, all of the songs come across as ditties that were thought up quickly without much interest in drawing out via composition or plot.  If the vocals aren’t appealing, and the lyrics aren’t appealing … what is there to listen to?  Although the band slips most songs under two minutes, that primarily means that they might have known these songs had little lasting value so they quit before the listener got too annoyed.  Eighteen tracks of these insta-fluff tactics made me realize that although I live by the quantity aspect of my cd scrounging, it doesn’t work the same way for bands.  Stick with quality, musicians!

It’s hard to find a place to listen to Adventures in Stereo online, but Last.fm can help one out.

The group didn’t last that much longer due to varying interests, but it is just as well since there isn’t much to be positive about from this release.  Granted, it was their debut record as a collective so perhaps every band has a rough go of it at first.  Regardless of how they progressed, the lesson learned here is that if you’re going to get excited about a dollar bin find, make sure it’s the band you’re thinking of.  Don’t end up with the discography from the Meatles like I have …

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