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Yatsura – We Are Yatsura

Primary Recordings, 1996

I only knew of these guys based on a song I listened to repeatedly some time ago entitled “Slain By Elf”, which happens to be on the album after this one.  I suppose one could be a fan of a band simply because of one song, so a dollar’s purchase of an album by the band seemed like a pretty safe bet.  The colorful cover of Polaroid pictures was charming to see, which just makes it a little sadder that one might have trouble recreating it given the company’s demise.  One can imagine the high hives going around the band when they determined that the cost of creating their cover art was quite affordable.  Unless, of course, the woman(?) who is crossly pictured in the jacked up turtleneck sued for emotional distress.

Yatsura, formerly known as Urusei Yatsura, were a noisy rock band from Scotland that put out a decent rock record.  One can gather some influences based on the song structures and sometimes abrasive sounds emitting from the guitars, but I have to admit that listening to this record didn’t really inspire a sense of excitement out of me.  Have you ever listened to a record and, after a couple of spins, just say yeah, it was fine enough?  That’s what this record did for me.  Sure, it’s got noisy rock, yelling and some pretty good pop rock tunes, like “First Day On a New Planet” and “Pachinko”, but it’s an overall solid piece of work that is neither bad nor great.  Perhaps I like those aforementioned tunes based on their comparative quality to Pavement’s style.  The songs are not entirely indicative of what’s on this record, though, since Yatsura prefers a more noisier route in “Death 2 Everyone” and other songs like it.  So, other than that, that’s about it.

The band is no longer together, but they still have a MySpace page under their original band name:  (Urusei) Yatsura

Perhaps my blase impression of this record might imply what we’re likely to say about artists like Taylor Swift and the Kings of Leon in ten or so years.  Both artists represent a particular sound that, in all truth, has been heard many times before in recent years.  The general public likes them, appreciates them, and in all likelihood will dispose of them soon enough due to another like-sounding artist rising in the music business.  Yatsura, as enjoyable to listen to as they are, didn’t give off so great of an impression to make one feel that the band needs to be around for the long term.  Perhaps one could mark them up as the usual in terms of indie rock during that decade, which I suppose could be the likely conclusion one can have about most bands that find their way into the dollar bins of music stores.  Just like professional baseball players who are talented enough to play yet mostly support those who are more talented (or just more noticeable), Yatsura is just another band swept up in the increasingly saturated history of indie rock.

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