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Collecting Music-Lovin’ Dust For One Year!

One year ago today I posted my first review on this newfangled idea of a blog site.  Even though it’s only me writing up this stuff, I figured I’d throw a crazy party to celebrate with all of my readers.  This was last night…

Okay, I’m lying.  Half-naked people with body paint and copious amounts of liquor did not happen.  However, I instead rocked out in a collective band at a friend’s party last night, so I guess that works as well.  Maybe I’ll do the body paint thing after two years.

If you have read a review or have been following along once in awhile, perhaps you have picked up something relative to your music interests from this site.  I admit, the summer has been spent enjoying things that don’t require the written word (unless you count a 50+ page term paper … which temporarily killed my love for writing, haha).  I plan to pick things up at the normal 2-3 reviews per week pace that I was enjoying for most of the year.

Getting honest on ya, I am rather excited that I managed to keep this blog going for a whole year.  My writing has gotten a little better and, as evidenced by my earlier reviews, the length of my writing has also nearly doubled for each review.  I don’t think I’ll ever get as technically verbose as some of those other popular review sites, but for what I’m willing to churn out I’m content with where I’m at.

Thanks for reading and hopefully the next year will be even better.  By the way, will this body paint I have on come off with just a shower, or will it take a few days?

  1. November 13, 2010 at 8:44 am

    body paints are quite nice when you are out on a pool party or just about any party -‘`

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