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Mando Diao – Ode to Ochrasy

Mute Records, 2006mandoDiao

Rarely do I ever get to see these dollar bin wonder artists live, but I actually have seen Mando Diao live.  I went to see them based on the suggestion from a friend and thought the Swedish quintet were a lot of fun to watch even if I wasn’t fully wrapped up in their honest hope that the place would be jumping.  They main thing I took away was the fact that all five guys had different, trendy haircuts.  There was the really curly guy, the long unkempt guy, the short, slick guy, etc.  I felt they were trying a little too hard on their look but still walked away thinking it was a fun show.

I don’t recall when I actually got to go see them, but for all I know they were promoting this very record at the time!  It’s a pity, then, that a bigger crowd hadn’t turned out to see these guys because this record is packed with exuberant rock n roll energy and a real rush to the head.  I don’t think they cooled off until about the fourth song on this record, even if “The Wildfire (If It Was True)” as only quieter because there’s slightly less going on.  The idea of overwhelming the listener with the triple punch of the first three tunes at least gets the notion out of the way that Mando Diao are trying to find their way during their third record.  It is about the time for bands to think of different paths (Radiohead) or get more serious (Strokes), but Mando Diao opt to continue their rampant and crisp rock and hope no one gets too critical about it.  Aside from the softie “Josephine”, one can only get excited when they hear “Killer Kacynski” or “TV & Me”.

To give them a listen, check them out on their website or MySpace page.

It’s true, they do sound a little like a jacked up Blur without the cleverness but for a dollar these guys are a great addition to one’s music collection. I’m not sure if they’ll ever break out here in the States, but I’m sure they’re huge in Sweden. They’ve even put out two records since this one, which only means they’re putting out a lot of good stuff in a short amount of time.

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