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Some Action – The Band That Sucked the Life …

August 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Gigantic Music, 2006SomeAction

I grabbed this disc because along the way I had acquired their EP, which I liked.  For a dollar it was worth checking out Some Action’s first full length record.  Well, it turns out that these guys from New York know how to throw a lot of guitar and drums at you at the same time.  Unabashed rock n roll that piledrives the sonic assault while not spending too much time on lyrical accountability, which I imagine was the point.  There’s some great numbers here in “Take Your Medicine” and “Don’t You Look For Me”, but aside from a few slower tempo tunes this record sounds very similar front to back.

If you want to rock out to Some of this garage rock Action, check out their MySpace page.

If you need a bolt of energy to turn your day around, jack this one up.  For a dollar, that’s not a bad price for some audio medicine.

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Danko Jones – Sleep is the Enemy

August 28, 2009 1 comment


Razor & Tie Records, 2000

I figured I’d make my first review one of my more successful acquisitions of dollar brilliance.  Danko Jones is a three guy outfit who remind the masses of how rock n roll should be about.  Forget the fiddles, flutes, hand claps and all that crap that have infected the indie music scene.  Danko Jones doesn’t even use synthesizers or any fancy effects to bring the power chord assault that mauls one’s ears upon listening.  If you’re a fan of straight forward rock then all you need to do is listen to “Baby Hates Me” and “First Date” to get an idea of how this entire album sounds like.  Fist pumping stuff, that’s what it is.

Essentially, this disc epitomizes what I hope to find in these dollar bin searches:  classic keepers.  It’s a one in a million chance, but the best scenario is getting a great album for a buck that, if you knew about it when it was brand new, you’d probably buy it for $10-12 easy.  Er, Danko Jones probably would’ve liked it if I bought it back in 2000 for that price but hey, I’ll just tell them I’m part of their unofficial marketing department trying to get these guys noticed via this blog.  I’m on your side, Danko Jones, in trying to get you guys out of the dollar bin.  If I keep finding them there, though, I won’t be complaining whatsoever!

Rock out to some Danko Jones tunes on their website and their MySpace page!

So yes, I deem this disc to be a bargain!  Though it didn’t win any awards in its time (tragic!) I bestow upon it the golden dollar.  I know, you want one too.  Buy me a beer and I’ll think about it… or I’ll just think more about Danko Jones and how much they rock.


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The Huzzah Hits and the Multiple Misses

August 26, 2009 Leave a comment

hollaI don’t know about you, but I hate spending a lot of money on music.  I don’t mind the occasional $10+ on a new disc by a favorite artist or a classic, but usually albums need to be $6 or under if I’m going to part ways with the dollar bills.  Warily spending money this way allows me to pick up a couple albums instead of just one, which gives me a higher chance of success to actually enjoy an entire record.  In fact, the more albums I pick up the more I get this crazy idea that *all* of them will be spectacular in some way!  Too bad I’m usually wrong on this front.  However, I refuse to learn from my mistakes!  Quantity over quality is how I always rationalize things.

That said, you can imagine where I spend most of my time in music stores around the country.  The dollar bin is home to many forgotten artists who at one time some years back thought it would be a good idea to record an album expressing their talents.  As time has gone on and music critics have gone on and on, these bottom of the barrel records have been deemed drastically inferior to the surrounding slick sounds.  Nobody wants these, not even the record store.  Whether they’re stuffed in jumbled boxes under tables or piled in stacks away from the main path of traffic, the dusty dollar discs exist on the material goods chain just above sewage.  A store barely wants to hang onto these CDs and doubt they’ll sell at all, but if the discs started to smell like sewage they’d be out the door.  See what I mean?  The store might also want to check the pipes as well, but you get my point…

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