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Danko Jones – Sleep is the Enemy


Razor & Tie Records, 2000

I figured I’d make my first review one of my more successful acquisitions of dollar brilliance.  Danko Jones is a three guy outfit who remind the masses of how rock n roll should be about.  Forget the fiddles, flutes, hand claps and all that crap that have infected the indie music scene.  Danko Jones doesn’t even use synthesizers or any fancy effects to bring the power chord assault that mauls one’s ears upon listening.  If you’re a fan of straight forward rock then all you need to do is listen to “Baby Hates Me” and “First Date” to get an idea of how this entire album sounds like.  Fist pumping stuff, that’s what it is.

Essentially, this disc epitomizes what I hope to find in these dollar bin searches:  classic keepers.  It’s a one in a million chance, but the best scenario is getting a great album for a buck that, if you knew about it when it was brand new, you’d probably buy it for $10-12 easy.  Er, Danko Jones probably would’ve liked it if I bought it back in 2000 for that price but hey, I’ll just tell them I’m part of their unofficial marketing department trying to get these guys noticed via this blog.  I’m on your side, Danko Jones, in trying to get you guys out of the dollar bin.  If I keep finding them there, though, I won’t be complaining whatsoever!

Rock out to some Danko Jones tunes on their website and their MySpace page!

So yes, I deem this disc to be a bargain!  Though it didn’t win any awards in its time (tragic!) I bestow upon it the golden dollar.  I know, you want one too.  Buy me a beer and I’ll think about it… or I’ll just think more about Danko Jones and how much they rock.


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