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Dollar Bin Tragedies: Missing Discs

July 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Greatest dollar bin find ever? Or WORST NIGHTMARE?!

After years of thumbing through stacks upon stacks of unwanted music, sometimes I feel like I deserve something.  I don’t know, maybe by merely flopping a CD approximately ninety degrees to lean to its other side shakes up some dust and maybe makes it more attractive to someone else.  I have also, er, reorganized a few dollar bins to make certain discs stand out more so that others can pick them up.  Hey, there are some good ones that I already have!  I am a music avenger, trying to rescue music that deserves to be heard by fellow music avengers looking for a few good tunes.  I am a hero.  I am a hero!  I need a cape.

So … so yeah, I think I deserve a good disc now and then as a sort of high five for my good deeds and time spent working on my attractive hunched over posture.  It is when I find a disc that seems to grab my attention with a very light, yet dingy golden glow.  Its case looks immaculate, the artist is still getting plenty of spins in old and new circles alike, and I have been willing to spend a mere dollar on it for years.  It is the great find.  It’s the possible keeper of a disc that will make me wink at myself in the mirror at home while mouthing the words “you the man, you the man” over and over.  I may even impress the wife with the band and title (after a few reminders of who is in the band, what songs they sang .. well, anyway).  Needless to say, excitement floooows through my arms as I reach out to check its condition.

Then the lights dim and the dark laughter creeps into my ears from far away like Vincent Price returned.

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Dollar Bin Tragedies (or When I Cry in Public): Scratched Discs Part 2

February 19, 2010 1 comment

I was going to write a feature article regarding something else as I’m apt to do sometimes for Fridays, but my recent quick trip to New York City made me want to elaborate a little more on scratched discs. In part 1 of this, er, series, I wrote about the unfortunate happenstance of finding a CD that is scratched up after the excitement has built up within you … only to come crashing down in a sorrowful plummet of realization.  However, that only covered half of the issue at hand.

Those CDs I discussed earlier were found at charitable locations of ‘take all’ mentality, like the Salvation Army.  Places such as this don’t care what condition the discs are in or even if the discs are original copies.  Yeah, I’ve seen some Salvation Army stores try to offer those delectable CD-R copies for sale.  What I’m trying to say is that the Salvation Army is not checking what the discs look like and are ignorant of the fact that you may or may not get hosed if you don’t bother to look at the contents of the CD you’re buying.

Music stores, on the other hand, have no excuse.  If they’re buying used CDs individually or in bulk from a person they know exactly what they are getting because it is in their best interest.  There is no way they’re going to spend money on picking up garbage whether it is mint or trashed to bits.  If it doesn’t sell, it doesn’t get acquired.  It is with a similar thought that music buyers will go into a store and expect the quality of product to be at a listenable level given the expected sticker price.  Well, that ain’t always the case.

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Dollar Bin Tragedies (or When I Cry in Public): Scratched Discs

December 4, 2009 2 comments

Yup, that about sums it up when I sift through some cheap cds, pick out some surprising stuff, and then find the cds to be beat up beyond belief.  They are as if someone has vengefully taken a knife to an album that they didn’t like on a particular day and then figured, hey, maybe someone still wants this!  So they give it to the nearby affordable goods store and think nothing of it.  They certainly don’t think of the poor sod who gets his or her hopes up that they scored quite a find.  This is me, see.  Usually when I get to a thrift store, (and not a music store, since they take better care of even their foulest castoffs) I am usually able to sort out at least 4 or 5 discs that look promising.  It is inevitable, however, that at least 2 of those discs are seriously banged up.  Unlike the person looking through an assortment of fine trousers or the other customer sifting through capable plate-ware, I’m the one emitting an emotional grunt of disdain in the corner of the room that makes people around me jump.  It’s a short, terrible feeling when you hold in your hands what could have been great quality listening but which is now a circular piece of unsellable crap.  Do you feel these pains too?  Come, wallow in pity with me for the following albums that I just recently found and then just had to lay to rest back into the dollar bin.

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