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Letting Go: My First Foray Into Selling Used CDs

August 12, 2011 Leave a comment

It is true, the painful anguish of selling music really does feel like being fed to a sumo wrestler.

This blog is entirely built around the idea of buying CDs, so rare is the time when I actually try and sell them back.  Some of you might even say it is blasphemy to return music, for one should always try experience an album through repeated listening, song background research, and artist appreciation.  Uh huh.  Well there has come a time when the plastic and paper has taken up a little too much space in the apartment.  I have already tried to convince the wife to throw out some things or to sell some things or anything, really, that didn’t involve my stuff.  But alas, it was my stuff that was causing the visual distress.  Therefore, it was time to sell some of them.

I have a lot of CDs as it is.  There are many, many that I would not think of parting with.  Truthfully, the only way they would all be gone from my sight would be if I suddenly became deeply in love with digital music.  My views on that is a conversation for another time, but needless to say it ain’t gonna happen.  There are quite a few records that I no longer listen to mainly due to changing tastes, changing times, or a bad case of accumulation (which I wrote about here).  After giving many of them one last look, I stuffed about eighty or so CDs into two reusable shopping bags with plans on selling them.  These discs consisted of discs from my days in the nineties as well as old dollar bin purchases that didn’t pan out.  With even more consisting of those promotional freebies detailed in my Court of Flippant Reviews (1, 2), I set off to see what I could get.

Will the hero actually gain any money from this adventure?  Does he really think anyone would actually buy his dusty Guns N Roses CDs?!  Read on, skeptical traveler …

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Dollar Bin Tragedies (or When I Cry in Public): Too Good to Be True Discs

September 3, 2010 Leave a comment

In another episode of gut-wrenching dollar bin shopping, I must remind the reader of a woeful scenario.  This terrible story is about the CDs that have been planted to make a mockery of your hope.  Do not read on if you wish to keep your music shopping optimism intact!

If one has been a regular purveyor of cheap CDs at their favorite music or item dump-off stores, one will eventually develop a scanning ability that enables one to swiftly scour racks of unfortunate music.  It is a bit hard to describe, but one eventually begins to memorize the features of some of the small, rectangular spines of CD cases.  These commonly discarded and forgotten CDs get mentally cataloged, for they are almost expected to be found in every dollar bin one sifts through.

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