This blog is about compact discs that anyone could pick up nearly for free in a forgotten dollar bin somewhere.  It posthumously reviews the good and the truly pathetic.

Bargains are the albums that I thought I essentially stole for a dollar from the music store I bought them from. They’re still not likely to be great classics in many people’s minds, but the band was likely overlooked by the music media and clearly would be great to see live or to follow up with further. The Golden Dollar is bestowed upon the best of these Bargains, which mainly means they’re the best of the neglected. You know you want one, too.

Busts are worth much less than the dollar I paid to acquire them. In fact, if I had the time I’d call up each music store and made sure they threw these records out so as to not tempt unsuspecting music buyers from picking them up. If this causes you pain to think music should be chucked, fine. I would be open to sticking these records on pikes, which could be planted in front of the store to ward off any musicians from even thinking about making such garbage. However, the worst of the worst gets the Golden Trash Can. This is really bad stuff.

Finally, the Rest is the hodgepodge of miscellaneous albums that have their good attributes and their bad. They are the quintessential dollar bin records that probably deserve such a space as their final resting place in their great journey from an exciting new record to a mostly forgotten artistic relic. These are still worth a listen but are not likely to win a great load of fans. Still, one should appreciate the effort and probably cull a few good tracks from it for a great mix tape or some sort of gathering. Impress your friends with the obscure, you know.

Note: I’m open to guest writing for any website or blog that one might find my words useful on, so feel free to send me a note if you have something in mind!

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