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Nine Black Alps – Everything Is

Interscope Records, 2005

If there is a band that is not from an earlier decade and yet seems to find itself in every dollar bin, it’s Nine Black Alps. I’ll get into why in a bit, but the group’s debut record has found that it is quite likely the first, non-mainstream indie rock acts that has found itself tossed about into bins of neglect everywhere. I’m surprised it has not been picked up more given the fact that cover art screams indie, artsy, and probably emotional. That pastels look, as well as a visage of something that seems to resemble a bunny rabbit smoking a beat up cigarette, should be automatic buying material. So what did I do? Yeah, you guessed it. I’ve gotten more predictable in these reviews, eh?

England’s Nine Black Alps are a pulverizing young rock band that slaps you across the face immediately with the bludgeoning opener “Get Your Guns”. Indeed, the tune sounds like some kind of call to arms for rockers due to the fact that the sheer volume … “Cosmopolitan” does not let up whatsoever with the aggressive vocals of Sam Forrest tearing into another rousing number that, if one can catch any of the flurry of lyrics, sounds like a puzzling relationship situation.  “Unsatisfied” is also pretty heavy, and yet it is one of the first songs that isn’t in your face with sound.  Forrest actually sings more casually as he deals out his frustration regarding a difficult acquaintance.  His somewhat sneering delivery reminds me a bit of Oasis’ Liam Gallagher, even if Gallagher tends to sound as if he’s sneering in all of his songs.  Either way, the song sounds great with the band’s back and forth between hard and soft riffs.

Of course, every hard rock band inserts a breather amidst a slew of napalm, and that tune comes in the form of “Behind Your Eyes”.  If one didn’t know that these guys spent more time knocking your brain around, one could think that the pretty guitar work and softened vocals could be from a typical indie rock band.  However, as if to respond to anyone thinking that maybe these guys should stick to the light stuff, the group immediately careens into another harsh rocker in “Ironside” so people don’t get too comfortable.  The rest of the album is pretty much the same in the sense that it’s all adrenaline and spit.

If you’re interested in hearing Nine Black Alps yourself, check out their website or their MySpace page.

Perhaps the record got too monotonous.  Perhaps consistent rock n roll is no longer in demand.  Okay, it better not be that.  The only other reason I could think of that Nine Black Alps’ debut record is in quite a few dollar bins is that they sent out too much product to be reviewed before release.  That, or they sold their debut for an exceptionally cheap price so that people didn’t feel too badly in letting it go.  Whatever the reason is, this record should be in more shelves of rock enthusiasts.  The fact that the band is still putting out records should give folks ample opportunity to pick up a copy of this record before checking the band out live somewhere.  If you ask me I think these guys should be bigger than they are, so if you are going to believe the somewhat baseless claims of one cheap music blog writer this year, well, consider believing me!

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