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Autolux – Future Perfect

Columbia Records, 2004autolux

Autolux managed to put out a pretty good record in 2004, one that even Pitchfork gave a rather high rating to.  However, there it lied amidst some anonymous jazz and trip hop castoffs in a dollar bin in Cambridge.  Thing is, someone had given me a nod towards picking up this record at some point, so imagine my luck when I managed to find it quite affordably.  Those are the best days when that kind of thing works out… which has now gone from ‘absolutely never happening’ to ‘never, except when invoked by touch from God’ status.

I’m also a fan of the cover art.  Glowing balloons, nervous writing of the title, and a dark background stirred thoughts of something good going on.  I get the same reaction from the covers of “Psychocandy” or Black Sabbath’s debut.  Perhaps the word I’m looking for is ‘eerie’.  Thankfully the music holds up very well from beginning to end on this disc as Autolux weaves together some aggressive guitar work with the laid back vocals from two of the three band members.  The group does tend to ease into songs making one believe there won’t be much of a pulse to rise, but songs like “Turnstile Blues”, “Sugarless” and “Here Comes Everybody” all wind up as great energy-inducing tunes.  Although I always look forward to such conclusions, I can see where people might prefer the group to stick with the dreamy, Pumpkins-like quiet periods.  I would certainly say that these guys could be better on this record than what the Silversun Pickups are pulling off these days.  Oh yes indeed.

Autolux has got a couple good clips, including “Turnstile Blues” and “Asleep at the Trigger” from this record, on their MySpace page.

Autolux on MySpace

This disc turned out to be quite a good one for the money and it was nice that a recommendation actually worked out as well, so it gets the Golden Dollar for that double dose of excellence.  Autolux are still together after nearly a decade of work and are still touring according to their website.  Whether or not they put out another record is up in the air, but since it has been five years since this release, I imagine they have moved on in their sound.  Still, it would probably be worth the time to go and see for yourself somewhere.


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