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The Blue Van – Dear Independence

The Orchard, 2006blueVan

Alright, if you haven’t noticed by now, I like listening to rock n roll primarily.  I promise to get to a few of the other types of music (once I figure out what those are) soon after this review.  I picked up this record at the Salvation Army due to its nifty album cover and the fact that it came in a paper slipcase.  This wasn’t some kind of toss off from the nineties …extraneous album packaging got big in the past decade!  I was also disappointed at the fact that someone stole a few NOW discs from their cases, so I wanted to save this one from those nasty people.

So hey, this upbeat blues rock band from the infrequently heard from land of Denmark put together a snappy debut record that should get a few more listens by the public.  True, not many have heard of a band that gave itself a rather drab band name (similar to ‘The Dead Bug’ or ‘The Tall Tree’ of hohum-edness).  However, the fresh vocals from Steffen Westmark and the upbeat musicianship from the rest of those Dutch band members give this entire disc a real sense of warmth.  Songs like “Keep Me Running” and “Momentarily Sane” are definite foot stompers that will pick up most moods that are a little off.  Even a softer tune like “Don’t Leave Me Blue” has a fantastic chorus that sounds exceptionally smooth amidst the light guitar work and steady drums.  In truth, there aren’t any glaring clunkers on this entire album, yet it’s merely a matter of taste whether one happens to like the sound of these guys.

Unfortunately the group hasn’t made an album since this one and I haven’t found any information on whether or not they’re still together.  Three years is a long time without a record, and I imagine that if they do return with a new record it’ll very likely sound different than this effort.  Hopefully it’ll still have the peppy energy that “Dear Independence” brought on.

Check these guys out at their website as well as their MySpace page.

I gotta give these guys a golden dollar for simply the front to back great sound they’ve put forth. Way to go, Dutch dudes.


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