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Diamond Nights – Popsicle

Kemado Records, 2005popsicle_cover

This record I actually knew one small thing about, and that is the first track of “Destination Diamonds”.  I still find this song to be fantastic.  It’s got a great build up, has a guy who sings with swagger and falsetto, and just a great riff throughout.  “Baby do you like to mess around?” There’s no real mystery to this track’s intentions, and I still think it’s one everyone should listen to.

As for the rest of the record, well, sometimes the swagger falls a little short.  The vocalist, Morgan Phalen, doesn’t fare as well without the heavy blend of instruments of “Destination Diamonds” and sometimes has a peculiar affectation in his voice that resembles Britt Daniel from Spoon.  Daniel is able to make his vocals work given the craftsmanship of Spoon tunes, whereas Phalen sometimes comes across as a bit annoying to listen to.  I think the slight let down of “Saturday Fantastic” and “Drip Drip” kills the momentum of “Destination..”, but thankfully the rest of the record turns in some great rock.

“It’s a Shokka”, “Red Hex” and “The Girl’s Attractive” are just great rock tunes.  As the record rolls on, it’s apparent that if Phalen just stuck to singing without trying too hard to sound cool, then all of these songs would work.  It’s evident as well that Diamond Nights need to stick to rock all the time, for they really make for an exciting, interesting listen.

Check out a few of their tunes on their MySpace page!

Even though I only expected a handful of good songs on this one, I got my money’s worth and more. Dude, this is totally worth a buck fifty.

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  1. sd
    April 23, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    i agree

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