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Gigolo Aunts – Flippin’ Out

RCA Records, 1994gigoloAunts

Wait, you say, you mean to tell me that this classic was found in a dollar bin?  And then there’s this other group of you that blurts out, oy, what do you mean by classic, man?!  And then, finally, there’s the few that say you’ve actually spent the night with some auntie gigolos, which I’d rather you just keep to yourself.  Truth is, this is actually a very fine pop album from an old Boston band that had been together for sixteen or so years but only had put out four, mostly so-so records.  I only managed to nab this one not because I knew who these guys were but because the name sounded familiar.  I was probably thinking of the Red Aunts, or “Just a Gigolo”, at the time.  Lucky me, this was lurking in a bin waiting for me to toss some quarters at it.

On first listen one might feel that these guys sound like the usual inoffensive stuff that just rolls off the back and slips away from memory.  However, there is something to be said for a rather uplifting record that, amidst the Nirvanas and NINs at the time, is solidly warm from start to finish.  The tune “Where I Find My Heaven” is simply a blissful love song that doesn’t disguise its author’s intent, while even the most hard-edged tune of “Gun” takes the time to enjoyably soften in the chorus.  What separates this record from most pop albums is that nearly every song is at least four minutes long, so instead of worrying about an attention span issue that is increasingly an issue these days, the Gigolo Aunts want you to bask in their poppiness.  I haven’t found a truly skippable track yet, so I suppose they got it right.

Check out Gigolo Aunts on MySpace, or just love this song as much as I do here:

I was relieved that this record turned out be so listenable despite what was a shaky recollection at best on my part. Unfortunately, I was nowhere near the Boston scene when the Gigolo Aunts were playing the long lost venues of lore, so I bet there were a few live shows I’d like to time warp back to. So it goes, but at least these guys left this excellent record behind before slowly disappearing. Gotta give them a posthumous award of great worth, and that is the Golden Dollar!


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