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The Best Haul Ever!

excited2-1As a writer of a dollar bin blog, I figured I’d take the time to recount the time when I stumbled into a Salvation Army and nabbed the best haul ever in my life.  It was one of those moments that bottom feeding music buyers dream of all the time, where you hope that you can spend a mere $15-20 to get 20 records that you’ve always wanted to check out.  Granted, in this day and age people can get those 20 records within an hour with a good download speed, but that’s not the point.  This was a time when planets, horoscopes, and musical taste aligned at one particular moment.  I wanted to do a kind of fist pumping, lean back hurrah when I walked in that day (like the guy on the right) but since I was in public the best I could do to contain my excitement was bug my eyes out, grit my teeth in a semi-smile, and start rummaging (like the guy on the left).

At the time of the best haul ever, I was heavy into cd trading sites where I would try and pick up something here and there that somebody might want to trade for. I usually picked up vile junk that I would be stuck with, but I always figured it was worth my time to browse the odds and ends at my local Salvation Army. So one day I popped in there fully expecting to walk out with something like an unknown indie band from the early 2000s. Little did I know that I would be there for at least an hour sifting through the riches.

At the entrance of the store was located the rows and rows of jumbled cds that they usually had. Dust, loose cds, awful Christmas albums … the usual deal. However, I did notice that a row of cds had shown up nice and neat near the bottom of one of the racks. Since I was a usual customer (yeah, yeah) I knew there hadn’t been cds in that row for ages, so I was curious what they got recently. I nearly dropped to the floor when I saw artists like Tool, Bruce Springsteen and Death Cab for Cutie looking back at me. And the cds weren’t even scratched! Or missing! OMGOMGOMGOMG

Problem was, there was this older guy already there with a small stack, so unfortunately I wasn’t the first on the scene. Needless to say, I eyed this guy with a small level of contempt because I knew, I KNEW, he took some disc that I terribly wanted and somehow I had to convince him he didn’t really want it. The only sneaky method I could come up with was to tackle his stack and toss his stuff in random directions, giving me time to track some of discs down and take what I wanted.  Ha-HA!  Turns out he was a friendly sort and we discussed some of the bands he was sorting through, and after stealing a few looks at his stack I determined we weren’t so matched up in taste. As both of our stacks got taller and taller, he was generous enough to ask me if there was a disc in his stack that I’d prefer since most of it was for his kid. I got a Tool disc thanks to him … thanks buddy, wherever you are.

So here’s what I got to the best of my recollection. Remember, these are around a buck each.

Tool – “Aenima”
Elliott Smith – “XO”
Death Cab for Cutie – “Plans”
Death Cab for Cutie – “Transatlanticism”
Muse – “Origin of Symmetry”
Iron & Wine – “Woman King”
Iron & Wine/Calexico – “In the Reins”
Stereolab – “Mars Audiac Quintet”
Bruce Springsteen – “Nebraska”
Clinic – “Walking With Thee”
The Bravery – “The Bravery”
Coldplay – “X&Y”

I know I’m forgetting one or two, but these are the ones that really stick out in my mind. Granted, these discs aren’t everyone’s taste nor do they carry as much weight as they did a few years back, but if you’ve ever shopped at a Salvation Army you’re lucky to get only one of these discs, and that’s if it’s not scratched or up or missing! I knew at the time that this was probably the first and last time this would ever happen and that subsequent visits would turn up the usual junk, but I still try to resist my inner responsibility demon when I can and make sure to stop in at the usual spots to check just in case. Perhaps I’ll luck out again someday. In the meantime, does anyone want this Mantovani Christmas album? (sigh)

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