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The VaGiants – Short and Hard

No record label, 2002vagiants

This was one of those records that just stood out to me because of the rather colorful band name.  Turns out there are two bands who have gone by ‘vagiant’, as there are these guys from Winnipeg (the disc I bought) and another band with four ladies from Boston (the disc I thought I was buying).  Oh well, both bands have never heard of Belle and Sebastien in the way they crash about.

This nine-track record is a very quick blast through a collision of cymbals and loud riffs.  The singer, J-Rod Godriguez, is the one that makes the album merely because she is a rock chick all the way.  None of the prissy singing here, as Godriguez has a rather husky voice that doesn’t deviate much from the shout/sing style throughout the record.  It blends in perfectly with the heavy rock the three guys in the band slap together and I would imagine these four would certainly get a place jumping in a live setting.  All nine songs are fun rockers, but “Nice and Easy” and “Bury Me Standing” stands out to me.

Unfortunately, these guys are probably long gone and no one is likely to miss them given the fact that there’s plenty of hard rock bands out there already.  I did manage to find a pretty good live version of ‘Bury Me Standing’ on YouTube that represents them well.

The Vagiants – Bury Me Standing

Unlike previous reviews, this is one of those records that features a band that was a small blip in a Canadian scene but will most likely fade into deep obscurity. If you do happen to find this record somewhere, though, it’s not bad for a swift kick to the senses.

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