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The Court of Flippant Reviews is Back From Recess!

Back in February I whimsically reviewed albums that were sent to me for perusal.  For those that missed it, I had an abundance of these new records that I had gotten through the mail from a promotional group.  Unfortunately, given the time that I have each day to listen to music (dwindling, sadly) I hadn’t really had a chance to give them a spin.  So I spun and wrote about them quickly.  Found a few of the good and the bad while I was at it!

So I have another pile of these CDs that deserve a once over.  Again, these write ups are mostly from the hip so I imagine a truly dedicated, less-hackish of a music writer would delve more deeply into the song compositions, exquisite album art, or the moving lyrical content.  I’m not one of those guys.

Here goes it:

  • HoneyChild “Nearer the Earth” – A pleasant indie pop record with great, sugary vocals from Erik Donley.  Switches between soft and hard stuff quite often.  Try “The Owl”.
  • A House For Lions “I Want Us to Be Remembered” EP – Soft pop with the quiet, unimposing vocals like Jose Gonzalez.  Not much resonating impact after the last song finishes, but nice enough.
  • Stereoflower “It’s Alright, It’s OK, Satellite Commander” – Lengthy tracks fluctuate between softer pop and ambitious rock virtually every other track.  I hear a banjo here and there.  Similar to HoneyChild with a little more of a country twang feeling.
  • Louderbach “Shine” single – What’s this, a single?  For a song entitled “Shine”?   The Ian Curtis-like electronic tune drones on for awhile.  And honestly, when does a single ever need nine remixes?!   This one should get two, tops.
  • Manitoba Music “Sampler” – Well, this Canadian sampler I can dig.  Many artists with solid tracks without wearing out their welcome.  It’s all mostly soft indie tracks throughout.  Imaginary Cities, JP Hoe, Greg Macpherson, Wab Kinew and Enjoy Your Pumas stand out to me.
  • Green River Ordinance “The Morning Passengers EP – Acoustic Sessions” – Definitely aimed towards the soft pop, singer-songwriter crowd.  A bit too light and dramatic for me.
  • Hafdis Huld “Synchronised Swimmers” – Cute Icelandic blonde with precious voice might be a nice find for light pop enthusiasts.  Most of the thirteen tracks sound the same:  upbeat and simple.
  • Ringside “Lost Days” – Raspy vocalist and energized pop music sound good on “Money” and “Dayglo”.  Album consists of decent interweaving between electronic and typical pop.  Pretty good.
  • Eldridge Rodriguez “You Are Released” – Rodriguez sort of sounds like the quivering guy from Arcade Fire but with a deeper voice.  Some good rousing tunes (“This One Sends the Cast Home”) on here.
  • Simon Says No! “Self-Titled” – The one true rock band in this reviewable collection and they’re rather inconsistent.  Some good, brash moments with many predictable ones don’t make them stand out all that much.  Worth a listen if you’re looking for some new energy.

Not nearly as many clunkers as last time as I could probably find a good tune or two on most of these discs.  I likely won’t hang onto any of these to put in the long-term collection, but I did appreciate the Ringside, HoneyChild and Manitoba Music sampler the most if I had to choose.  I guess when you get it for free the expectations are what they are.  Court adjourned!

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