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The Things – Wild Psychotic Sounds EP

Big Neck Records, 2007

Check that cover OUT, man.  The red lips and tie, as well as the bleached aspect of the face, might make one believe this is a band of clowns who rock out when they’re not making balloon animals.  However, the title gives it away as something that will at least fill the quiet spaces when turned up high on the volume knob.  To add to the visuals of what the group probably sounds like, the inside cover shows a heavily sideburned, shirtless and leather jacketed lead singer in a few crinkled photos.  He’s also flaunting a butt crack protruding from his tight pants.  Er, should it be called a rock crack?  I wish I never looked.

The Things are an Irish rock band that, according to their Wiki page, formed in 2001.  I guess it took awhile before they started putting out records, eh?  Maybe it was because they were worried they didn’t sound like any sort of Irish punk band I had heard before.  In fact, their style is very reminiscent of most American garage punk acts with its swamp of guitars and surrounding noise.  Neil Moore even sings like Elvis Presley stuck outside in the cold without a coat, which sounds pretty good but also sometimes makes lyric depiction a bit tough.  Such difficulty might also be due to the recording of the music, which sounds as if it was recorded live from a stage and Moore’s microphone was jammed halfway into his mouth.

Of the six tracks on the EP, “The End” comes across as one of the better ones.  No, fortunately (unfortunately?) it is not a take on the Doors tune, but it has got an excellent clanging guitar riff in its opening.  Moore muffles his way through something that sounds urgent (a-huh, a-huh jailhouse rock) but it’s really the band that pounds out a fine rocker.  “Horror Movie” focuses more on what kinda speed the Things can put into their music.  The repeated riffs really pump up the energy as does the shared vocals.  It is also apparent on this tune that, if one listens closely, the Things incorporate some keyboards into their songs.  If it’s hard to hear on the EP imagine its ‘presence’ at a concert.

The band does prove on one track that it isn’t all volume and discombobulation.  “Going Home” is a gently consistent beat track that contains a few bluesy elements in its instrumentation.  I still can only pick out the title amidst the lyrics, but it’s a pretty good breather amidst the heavier stuff.  “La la la la la” isn’t a quieter track at all, but its live setting gives a pretty good feeling towards what one would hear if one saw these guys in person.  The resigned tone of the title after the collision of slide guitar and drum mashing makes a solid outro for the short time one got to listen to the band.

The Things from Ireland can still be heard on MySpace but not in too many other places.  Makes you think that … could they be …

Imagine my grinning surprise when I found that the Things had put out a full length record in 2009 entitled “Some Kind of Kick”.  Oh man, am I getting that.  I don’t care if it still sounds like the muffled ramblings of a half dressed man; something about the style and presentation of the Things from their EP have earned them another go.  However, further research on the band’s Wiki page proves that these Irish hooligans are no longer together.  Yeesh … just when they get an album together they are done.  They must have left some of the Irish youth with a pretty good impression and hopefully they’ve spurned some to take up the garage punk mantle overseas.  Too bad the rest of us missed our chances to see ’em.

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