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Two Years! Two Years!

Two years, two chicks, two wild hats! CRAZY TIIIMES!

So here’s how it went down.  Upon realizing that it was the eve of this blog’s two year anniversary of existence I wanted to go all out to celebrate.  I knew that the mere fact that I have been writing reviews of forgotten music has easily qualified me for the Internet’s Hall of Historically Important Lore, so I wanted to pull out all of the stops and spend tons of dough on a HUGE party!

Early today I called up this really ritzy club in Boston and said I planned on getting 200 of my friends and readers together.  We wanted to arrive in limousines while decked out in crisp Hot Topic gear, and I wanted to make sure we had kegs of root beer a’flowin’ at the club by the time we got there.  Well, the club wanted a lot of money ($2,000 for a half hour) and I figured ah, who needs a club anyway?  I’ll go spend my money on some great food instead for my great guests!

I staked out multiple restaurants in the area to see who could accommodate my 200 hardcore partymongers.  They all said “You must be crazy” and I said that yes I was and that I planned crazy parties.  Unfortunately, no one was willing to take on all of my people for a Friiiidaaaay niiiight! (said while leaning back and waving both hands in the air) Yeah okay, that’s fine too.  Let’s just get the people together and we’ll figure someplace out to bombard with bodies.

I then created an Evite entitled “Dollar Bin Lays a Deuce!” and enticed people with free dollar bin CDs, gallons of root beer, and my treasured company.  It must have been a real busy day for people, for out of the 200 people I invited 152 said No, 47 said Maybe, and 1 person said Yes.  That person was me.  But I was totally there and banked on the 47 Maybes as surefire boogie downers later that night.

Well, the night came and I got 47 text messages that said they were at some ritzy club in Boston and couldn’t make it, sorry.  Dang!  Looking at me and the other party guest (me in a mirror), I decided to go to a last minute Jimmy Buffett cover band concert at a Coat of Arms.  My reasoning was that I might as well watch someone else party, I guess.  I ordered a cheeseburger and, burger in hand, waited for the band to come on.  Then I spotted these two chicks with wild hats in the front row.  I walked up to them and said, hey ladies, did you know that today is the two year anniversary for my Rummaging Through the Dollar Bin music blog?

And they went APESH*T CRAZY!

I managed to snag the above picture with my cell phone before I was attacked by the equivalent of savage harpies (for all you Greek mythologists out there reading).  I mean, they started grabbing my clothes, my hair, my eyeballs … I did not know that these two women just happened to be my biggest fans *and* liked Jimmy Buffett a whole lot.  I scrambled out of that place in tatters, realizing too late that my cheeseburger was in their clutches.  I had to let it go (r.i.p) and managed to grab a cab home.

It may not have been the 200 person mayhem party that I was thinking of, and I may or may not have been winked at by the cabbie, but I gotta tell ya … I can’t wait for three years, baby.

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