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Eleventh Dream Day – Lived to Tell

Atlantic Records, 1991

I am not a fan of this album cover, which probably has something to do with the interpretive art piece as well as the sand-colored color all around.  Looks like something that the band thought was meaningful but why they chose the dull, earthy color as the theme is a mystery.  It all reminds me of those early R.E.M. records where the covers were rather atypical and unflashy, because a band is certainly more interested in what the listener thinks about the music instead of whatever graces the record sleeve.  In this case I think Eleventh Dream Day went a bit far in that regard, but that did not stop me from nabbing this one from the dollar dustbin!  Y’see, this here’s a bit of a forgotten rock classic…

Eleventh Dream Day are the band that no one tends to rave about these days.  The band name is clunky, the music isn’t out there or particularly noticeable, and to top it off one of their best records could actually be found for a dollar somewhere.  Time tends to do that to any band, especially ones that may have been somewhat popular back in the nineties before the grunge bands defined the decade.   The quartet that is Eleventh Dream Day were known for their upbeat rock n roll with a penchant for solid lyrics.  The excellent opening song, “Rose of Jericho”, showcases a lot of what Eleventh Dream Day do best.  The vocal pairing of Rick Rizzo and Janet Beveridge Bean sing crisply during the choruses while layers of guitars cascade around them without any sort of pause. “Dream of a Sleeping Sheep” continues the party with a bluesy tinge thanks to Baird Figi’s fervent lapsteel guitar.

The record doesn’t slow down for five tracks until another bluesy, yet slower tune of “Frozen Mile” trods in … only to break into a pretty stellar guitar solo halfway through. This tune stands alone, for the most part, because Eleventh Dream Day get right back into uptempo rock for most of the rest of the record. They do go out on an acoustic, echoed harmonica tune in “Angels Spread Your Wings”, which I guess is obligatory as a kind of cliche comedown track. Oh well, the rest of the record makes up for it.

Check out a few tunes from Eleventh Dream Day at their MySpace page.

Although Eleventh Dream Day took a short hiatus at the end of the nineties, they have since put out a record in 2006 that was well-received. Still, I feel that I may see more of these guys in my dollar bin travels because they’re a talent that modestly releases music without making a lot of noise about it. Their fans are just thrilled that they’re still putting out records. I’m not sure if we’ll ever see a record cover that won’t just be a simple wrapping of some good tunes, but if you’re looking for an experienced rock band that has some long-lived credibility in various circles, pick something up from Eleventh Dream Day.

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