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Shesus – Shesus Loves You … Loves You Not

Narnack Records, 2003shesus

I’m a sucker for eye-catching album covers as well as album design, so when I picked up a very yellow, fold out record by Shesus I thought this one should be good.  I wasn’t a fan of the band name … I mean what is this, some kind of lazy name decision based on what people say in close calls?  Why not “Oopsie!” or “DUDE”?  I imagine they wanted to go with ‘Jesus’ but then thought better of it and opted to alter that due to the high number of females in the band.

As one could imagine, a shattered record on the album cover wasn’t going to get any soft pop coming out of the speakers.  The first track, “Holidazed”, sums up the energetic rock that Shesus blankets the entire record with.  It’s this that they care about and not necessarily any kind of catchy element.  In fact, due to the rather raw vocals and sometimes squealing guitars, Shesus rides the line of being catchy without truly endearing the listener to any one song.    It reminds me of listening to grrl rock in a way since that kind of rock tends to be more brutal and awkward, though Shesus is more listenable.  However, it is this non-catchiness that sinks the record, for people tend to like their rock n roll to have force but to also make them want to listen to tunes over and over.  I couldn’t really find any songs on this record that I could identify as a ‘must listen’.  So, despite the fact that they do a pretty good cover of David Bowie’s “Hang Onto Yourself”, this debut from Shesus really only comes across as a straight forward rock record that doesn’t have legs to it.

Since the band disbanded in 2004, there isn’t much to be found on the web about these guys.  I’ll leave you with some clips, though.

Shesus clips

It might have been interesting to see what Shesus could have done for an encore second album, yet going out so early might destine this record to be long forgotten in dusty dollar bins across the country.  But hey, cool cover!

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