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Shades Apart – Eyewitness

Shades_Apart_EyewitnessUniversal Records, 1999

Can you guess why I picked up this record for a mere quarter at a downtown chain store?  Check out that cover, man!  It’s got a rather popping color scheme as well as a distinct film noir artistry.  The guy looks like he’s either going to get hit by a car, shot by the evil dude reflected in the circular side mirror, or pull out a Tommy Gun and have at it in the middle of the street.  I had no idea who these guys were but, like the Stratford 4, I felt I had to check this band out based on its very interesting cover art.

And so, that’s a quarter I would like to get back.  Shades Apart deliver some acceptable rock that, to their credit, wasn’t too much like the usual crap from the end of the nineties.  They didn’t go pop punk or rap metal, which was all the rage at the time thanks to Blink 182, Sum 41 and the Durst.  However, Shades Apart did lean more towards a more heavier sound that leans on 3 Doors Down a bit, though not nearly as unlistenable.  Songs like “Sputnik”, “100 Days”, and “Chasing Daydreams” are enjoyable as stock rock tracks, but one gets the feeling that the band held back for some reason.  There’s no real height or eagerness to any of it, which perhaps might have made itself more evident in a live setting.  On record, these guys have a very mid-nineties rock sound that never really gained much interest once the Gin Blossoms up and quit.

Have a listen to Shades Apart on MySpace if you wish!

This record ended up being a bust in my eyes because I (naively) expected much more from this record based on the cover art. If there was a song entitled something insipid like “Love is Forever” or if the band bothered to put their picture on the back cover, I may have been effectively forewarned. That said, the main issue with this record is that it didn’t have enough to make anyone take notice or care if these guys stuck around. As it turns out, the band only put out one other true record (with worse art) before calling it quits, so they probably got the message that music tastes were moving on.

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