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The Pink Spiders – Teenage Graffiti

Suretone Records, 2006

This album cover is excellent in its presentation.  How can one not think that these guys are going to come at you fast and hard?  Okay, okay, sure, there’s pink everywhere.  The drummer is wearing a particularly light pink t-shirt with, er, pink drums.  If one replaced “Pink Spiders” with “Barbie House Band” at the top then it could be believable.  I figure these guys were pop punk all the way, so I had to pick this record up just to see if they were really obnoxious or only sorta obnoxious.  I also wanted to know if they had information in the liner notes of where I can get a black and pink striped body suit like the singer.  I’d be all the rage at those Barbie collectible conventions I go to.

So yes, the Pink Spiders rip into a bevy of energized pop punk throughout the entire record, but one would think they were more of a garage rock band based on the opening tune of “Soft Smoke”.  It’s got the heavy and steady guitar riffs before getting a little high-pitched during the chorus.  It’s a good choice for an opener, as it sets the tone for the rest of the album full of songs exactly like it.  “Saturday Nite Riot” is more typical of what the Pink Spiders prefer to bring, for it has a cutesy pop element to it that one can envision legions of teenagers singing along to at a flashy concert.  It’s an exceptionally catchy song about a girl conflicted about her image, so I would be surprised if it hadn’t already made its way on an MTV reality show.

Some of the stronger tunes on the record are “Modern Swinger” and “Little Razorblade”, the latter of which actually slows the pace of the record down slightly as the band combines electronic elements with heartbreak.  “Nobody Baby” could be considered their strongest rock ‘n roll tune that doesn’t feel saturated with teenie ooze.  With this and “Soft Smoke”, it just makes one wish that the band decided to stick to the rumbling rock music that one can clearly see they can pull off well.  It’s clear that the Pink Spiders were going to stick with the popular music flavor at the time based on the rest of the output on this album, so the better tunes are more of an exception to their inevitable future.  The bouncing piano introduction and singalong of “Adalae”, as well as the short, personally pianofied “Secret Song” at the end, seal their fate.

Check these guys out at their Bandcamp page, which seems to stream the entire record.  Very cool.  That is, unless you hate it.

There’s a place for these guys in today’s music because, ah, that’s what the mainstream “rock ‘n roll” sounds like.  So, I suppose if you’re a jaded, college radio-listening music enthusiast you are more likely to wish these guys would go away.  Given the fact that there are too many of these pop punk bands with debatable lyric talent already, the Pink Spiders may very well split the scene soon enough.  However, for this record, they’re great for a quick pick up of one’s current state.  For a few quarters (or less), this record gives me a feeling that the 2000’s weren’t a total waste of pop punky attitude.

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