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The Flaming Sideburns – Save Rock ‘n’ Roll

Jetset Records, 2002flameSideburns

There are apparently many places that a garage band can come from, but if you had to guess where the Flaming Sideburns originate from, would you say “Finland”?  These Finnish guys look like they’ve got a lot of swagger on the cover of their third record, though that wasn’t why I grabbed it.  I just couldn’t resist checking out a band named the Flaming Sideburns.  Better than Where’s Finland On a Map, at least.  However, by having a stellar band name meant that these guys had to deliver.  I mean hey, look at the Killers.  They don’t kill anything except my attention span.

I found that on first listen there are many great rock tunes on this record, though one would be hard pressed to tell most of them apart.  They’re all energetic, have a lot of shouting, and never supply any tired moments.  The best song on the record, “Up In Flames”, is absolutely mindwrecking in its velocity and urgency.  Just a fantastic tune.  Other songs, like “Street Survivor”, are more representative of how the album sounds, though.  It has Eduardo Martinez’s scream at the beginning that sets the anxious tone, while the engaging hook from Ski Williamson’s guitar keeps the tune blaring along.  It’s certainly predictable after the first chorus, as are most of these songs, but usually that doesn’t bug people.  The Flaming Sideburns are quite consistent in what they rock forth.

The Flaming Sideburns on MySpace

These guys are a great band to listen to when you need a shot of energy, though it is too bad that their later records veered away from too much of this kind of sound and got a little softer.  Perhaps this record is their ‘The Bends’, which I suppose makes sense because a band can only do so much garage rock, right?  Wrong.  Flaming Sideburns, if you decide to try and save rock n roll again, let me know and I’ll give you another listen.

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