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Two Months In: Taking the Time for the Pat on the Back!

Party_Aftermath2Dude, last night was crazy!

Alright, the celebration wasn’t that crazy, but as of Thursday it has been two months since I have been throwing some words together around three times a week to inform people of music they may or may not give a toss about.  However!  However, I do think I’ve managed to interest maybe a few, (at least one?) surfers in checking out some bands they hadn’t heard before.  Hey, when the music gets streamed for free it’s easier to take a listen, eh?  I actually managed to re-listen to some of these discs and appreciate them differently than what I had intended to conclude through words, so these reviews have been more rigorous than I had imagined.  Still, I’m having a good time writing some last hurrahs for these albums and I hope to keep it up for yet another two months.  Then I’ll have one of those kind of parties in that picture above.

As for what’s to come, (and this is where you get excited), I think I might try to add a few different types of articles to mix things up a bit.  I have a few ideas regarding the strategies of dollar bin shopping, record labels that I see often, and perhaps some stuff even I won’t pick up.  I might even talk about why I bother to do this when there are freely available mp3s out there!  You know, like what decade am I from anyway?!  Nostalgiasist!  I’m also thinking of writing a few reviews of discs that I got for spending a whopping five bucks or so.  They are dollar bin bound, after all.  Perhaps I’ll call it my Big Money reviews and add a disclaimer for those who need to be warned off about pricey used items.

So in the coming months there’ll be more writing, more descriptions of harrowing vocal styles, and likely a few more busts that come to light.  Trust me, it’s a lot easier to write about something I like than panning bands who, though misguided, have more musical talent than I do.  Thus is the life of the critic, and as I sip the last of those beers I found unopened amidst the party aftermath, I stretch my fingers and snap on the headphones to get ready to write the next opinion piece.  So hey, thanks for reading so far and prepare for some more!

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