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The Court of Flippant Reviews is Now in Session!

Due to being a music blog writer, sometimes other parties get wind that you like to write about music.  Granted, they may not know that it’s specific music (cast off albums that are worth a dollar or less, say) and they likely do not care either.  In the mail comes a package every once in awhile that contains a new album or two.  Believe me, this isn’t the new Radiohead or Johnny Cash retrospective, folks.  Though I feel that I do have a good sense of who the big indie names are these days, when I open up these packages I feel that I really don’t know any trendy groups at all.  If anything, these records are a free, tangible source of new music that I get to listen to at my discretion.  There’s a small problem, though…

When I have time to listen to music it’s often something I want to listen to.  In the car it’s sports radio or the local college radio stations.  At the computer it’s either something new I bought myself or a disc that I wish to write about for Rummaging Through the Dollar Bin.  Rarely do I think to myself that hey, I should really give that unheard band’s CD that was sent unprovoked through the mail to me a chance.  An mp3 here or there, sure, but a whole album?  I couldn’t do it justice.  Perhaps this is why I’m still listening to Dinosaur Jr these days … :/

Speaking of justice, I think this whimsical judge of musical credibility is finally going to take some time to don the gown of critical self-importance and bring down his gavel of truth (or mistruth).  Really, I have just enough time to write about a sentence or two from the gut to give for the following records, so if you are the type to base your musical purchases solely on a decimal number created from thin air (ahem), then keep reading.  These reviews are for you:

  • The Jezabels “Dark Storm EP” – Quartet from Australia mix the cool vibe of the Kills, Interpol, and some Siouxsie.  Repeated listens and growing affection for title track make this one something to look into further.
  • Paul Reddick “Sugar Bird” – Festive guitar-pickin’ solo stuff with charming, aged voice.  Pretty good.
  • Lisa Savidge “Lisa Savidge” – With no one named Lisa, group sounds indie modern with sweeping build ups and emotional grasps.  We’ve heard this all before.
  • Robinson “England’s Bleeding” – Solo dude has a nice, calm voice that sometimes reminds me of Waylon Jennings.  He’s wearing a chirpy hat and is cleverly dressed on the album cover which reeks of Mraz.
  • The High Violets “Cinema” – Breathy female lead singer guides pretty pop band through airy tunes.  If you’ve heard the Sundays you’ve heard the High Violets.
  • Mikey Jukebox “Mikey Jukebox” – Looks like cool, dance hip hop stuff but is actually fun, dance pop rock.  I could grow to like this.
  • Ethan Gold “Songs From a Toxic Apartment” – Take the tone of Reddick’s aged voice and Robinson’s more pensive songs and you’ve got Ethan Gold.
  • Lynn Wright “And the Wiremen” – Another solo artist that has his moments but in a land of guitar-strapped musicians this struggles to be noticed amidst the masses.
  • Julie the Band “Wild as the Sky EP” – Enjoyable pop band that will charm the mainstream crowd and score decent points with the ladies.

For my final verdict, I declare that the Jezabels, Mikey Jukebox, and Ethan Gold deserve further attention by the discerning, music-buying public.  The rest of them get thirty years in a box in my basement.  If a catapult is wheeled up to my front door, okay, they may be eligible for a lofty parole.


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