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The Coachwhips – Peanut Butter & Jelly: Live at the Ginger Minge

Narnack Records, 2005coachwhips

Oh man, was this a mess.  Even though the album isn’t actually live and doesn’t take place at a spot called the Ginger Minge, the cover looks excellent.  Something about black and white covers with a lot of detail tends to look attractive, at least to me.  This is why I picked this record up, along with the fact that I liked the band name and was curious how a song called “Oops. Uh. Uh” sounded like.  Well, that song, as well as the rest of them, sounded like a lot of noise.

Here is the premise of a Coachwhips song: straight-forward, quick 1-2 rapping of the drums, drowned by a constant guitar riff, with a vocalist who sounds like he’s singing through a CB radio.  Include some ineffective keyboard notes and make sure you’re usually done under two minutes.  There, that’s the gist of the record.  Now some may find this chaotic music rather fun and good for a thrashabout in one’s room (or at an actual live show).  However, I didn’t really find this to be too listenable after a few songs since they mostly sound the same in quick succession.  If you want a preview of how this record generally sounds, check out their MySpace page.

Coachwhips on MySpace

These guys are no longer together though I imagine they’ve continued to bludgeon people’s ears in other bands. Regardless of what they’re doing now, this record deserves a Golden Trash Can because it’s truly awful.

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