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22-20s – Self-titled

Astralwerks, 20052220s

These Brits have an interesting name (based on a song title) and have a rather stand out cover (oooh, starkness), yet they ended up in the dollar bin because, as one might imagine with even an energetic rock band as the 22-20s, they didn’t truly impress.  After listening to the first two tracks of “Devil in Me” and “Such a Fool” this seems hard to believe, as they are quite the engaging ‘in your face’ bluesy rock that reminds me of the Greenhornes when they are at full throttle. Even the slower numbers have their appeal because the jangling guitars, the steady beat, and the echoing vocals of the lead vocalist all contribute to a pleasant listen.  So … what’s the problem?

The problems aren’t anything truly obvious, really.  The 22-20s, for all their zeal and style, unfortunately were lobbed in with the rest of the full force rock acts of those years.  You know, like that obnoxious Jet band and the Vines.  The former single-handedly bulldozed over all of the other similarly-sounding rock bands that didn’t benefit from a dead horse single that still gets played every year on television.  Sorry 22-20s, you didn’t even get to be a one hit wonder.  So yes, they are talented but they were also expendable.

The other problem is that the 22-20s broke up not long after this record.  Since nothing else was going to ever come out by these guys, and with the fact that the record is really just another rock record by a snappy band, the album tends to drop off the Cliff of Interest.  Too bad, since these guys would likely have put out some consistent rockers for years that might have made those bloody good chaps across the pond happy.  Here’s a couple tunes to hear what you may have missed (or, er, not missed):

Give these guys a spin at their MySpace page.

The truth is that there have likely been scores of bands that have filled up the small void that the 22-20s have left behind, yet those bands are demanding top dollar (or top download) for their stuff. Forget that! Find yourself some 22-20s for some quick pep.

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