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The Double Take: Dollar Bin Records That Need to Be Owned By Someone!

I sift through many a dollar bin and find upteenth tons of absolute junk.  I’ve already described a few instances here and here, but there are even MORE examples of vile filler that detracts from my perceptive attention.  However, there are a few classic gems that make me take note and cause me to wonder “hey, what’s the deal here?”.  Folks, it’s easy to determine why someone would have tossed their nineties R&B single collection, or even why they let that All-4-One classic drivel go.  However, the toughest part of the job of a music rummager is trying to determine why someone would willingly allow great records to drown in mostly worthless quagmires of dollar bins.  I am here to stand up and defend some excellent records that I saw in a cheap bin recently and felt that they deserved better than the ol’ push off the table.

Blink-182 are now widely known as a typical pop punk band that have at least maintained their fun aspect by not going the route of the maturing Green Day.  However, they have gotten rather predictable and it’s a wonder if they’ll continue with their tried and true method.  I will say that before things got a little too overproduced the band put out an excellently crude record entitled “Dude Ranch” in 1997.  This is one heckuva pop punk record that, despite some interludes regarding animal and human relations, never drops its catchy factor.  This record would be fantastic for anyone who needs an instant pick me up or, perhaps, needs to get something resembling a thumbs up from a young punker they know.  I will never get tired of “Josie” or “Dammit” because they are fantastic.

The Cranberries are an entire world away from Blink-182’s approach, yet I still believe that despite the influx of soft pop from that time from Frente and the Sundays, I do think this quartet from Ireland was the best with its debut.  Sure, the band got a little too into itself as time went on, but this record was a wonderful sweep through Dolores O’Riordan’s pretty vocals and the band’s consistent musicianship.  You’ve heard “Linger” a billion times already, but “I Still Do” and “I Will Always” convey a similar calming effect.  Other songs like “Dreams” and “Still Can’t” prove that the band doesn’t want to nod off in relaxation for the entire record.  They’re examples that the band was heading towards a more aggressive pop rock stance, even if the fans just wanted O’Riordan to sing prettily instead.  I still think this is their best record.

Finally, who the heck dumped the “Pulp Fiction” soundtrack?!  I suppose that, like the other two records, it was one of the many high production records of its day, so everyone and their mother probably already owns it.  Still, even if you are over the fact that this was one of the more creatively crafted soundtracks of the modern era, there is no reason to part with it simply due to its well accepted quality by most people.  It has got funk (“Jungle Boogie”), surf (“Miserlou”) as well as a song that any chick will sing to on the spot (“Son of a Preacher Man”).  Personally, I’m a sucker for the cover of “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” and the other surf tracks.  Truth is, there isn’t a dud on this entire soundtrack … so if you don’t already own a copy of this you need to get it.  If you don’t believe me let me provide a scenario:  When your Ipod fails and people hate the music at your party, you cannot go wrong with the Pulp Fiction.  I just saved you.

Sometimes I sift through dollar bins and the like and shake my head.  When I see fine recordings like these just sitting there neglected I feel obligated to buy them myself and give them to someone in need.  I know a few friends (relatives, the wife) that look like they need some flat out cred in their music collection, or at least something that will give them a change of pace from their usual discs that have only one or two decent songs on them.  The previous three records have at least 75% great material on them, so why should they suffer in dusty desolation just because someone else botched up their music taste?  I implore you to consider saving records like these from the graveyards they reside in and making someone you know happier that you generously thought of them.  Hey, what better way to earn points than by doing something this easy?

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