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Honolulu Jazz Quartet – Tenacity

HJQ Records, 2007honoluluJazzQ

Woah, a jazz record! That’s right, even this was found for a mere dollar not too far from where I live.  If you’re not a fan of jazz, well, then you probably would discount this record even further based on taste.  However, I figured I would take a chance on a record that looked crisp, professional, and outside of an elevator.  Unlike a lot of indie rock and electro stuff that I usually end up getting on a chance, this looked like it was even less risky since most bands that end with the words ‘jazz’ and ‘quartet’ usually consist of serious musicians with talent.  Well, that’s what I thought at least.  If the band name was ‘Screamo Jazz Quartet’ I might’ve put it back, I admit.

As a rather slightly educated fan of popular jazz (re: Miles, Coltrane, Ellington, etc) I wasn’t sure if this would sound how I liked my jazz.  That is to say, it needed to be interesting without too much chaos while being available as a background soundtrack if needed.  Perhaps that is what qualifies as boring for hardcore jazz enthusiasts, but I have to say that the Honolulu Jazz Quartet put out a very nice record in “Tenacity”.  The title song, as well as “Midlife”, sound exactly how I want my jazz with the smoothness of sound entwined with a real pep from the piano work of Dan Del negro and the saxophone of Tim Tsukiyama.  One can also derive from the compositions that these guys are truly experienced, which is certainly helped from the 25 year jazz veteran, bandleader and bassist John Kolivas.  After the epic “Midlife”, the quartet knows how to take it slow as well with ‘The Indians”, which is a nice cool down. “Wayne’s Bounce” is also a nice midtempo tune that most might not pay attention to amidst the more energetic tunes, but it signifies the diverse moods that these four guys can attain.

Kick back and give these guys a listen on their MySpace page!

This really is a record that one can have in their collection that would not only sound good at any function in one’s home, but it also would add a nice bit of diversity for those who spin too much of the usual stuff.  I’m not sure if these guys are known all that much off of their island of Hawaii, but for the price they’re worth looking into.  Since I was fully expecting some kind of outdated sound, as well as the fact that I was pleasantly surprised by a record that sounds excellent all the way through, I’ve gotta give these guys one of my Golden Dollars.


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