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Trapped By Mormons – Go Go Go

TBM Records, 2003

You want a record cover, you got one!  There’s a lot going on in this sordid scene that struck my eyeballs as I thumbed through the endless rows of refuse at Amoeba Music.  For one, a half-naked asian woman is dreaming the druggy dream in a room that can be easily described as decrepit.  Shoddy walls, a dog that has been forgotten to be let out, and a soaking mop that will likely help the dog situation give off a feeling of real desperation.  And hey, check out that glaring neon light staring through the window, adding to the oppressive redness of that cramped room.  I’m not sure if there’s a message that Trapped By Mormons were trying to convey, other than that all you kids out there better listen to your mom when she says you gotta clean up your room or you could end up like this chick.  Just another piece of sound advice by mom.

Aside from the cover, I also loved the band name.  I’ve always thought Mormons to be relatively nice people regardless of whatever they believe in, but apparently these guys from Florida felt that this was the most threatening band name they could come up with.  This one and only EP from the group happens to be a live recording of the raunchy rock n roll the band enjoys serving up.  Todd Nolan mangles his way through the five songs with a sneer while relating some questionable practices to the listener.  For instance, in the excellently quick “Chinese Girls on Heroin”, Nolan contemplates the morality of having a go with a woman who is in a substance-fueled happy place.  Gotta say I’ve never really thought about this scenario, so it’s good he brought it up for debate.  He also waxes poetic in “Fez Dispenser” with the line “And every action that I shall take/Will be forward and that is hence”.  I still can’t figure that usage of ‘hence’, but then again, I am not a poetic lyrics writer.  Then there’s all sorts of colorful references to what I believe is a description of a gang bang in “The Money Shot”, so you get the idea of the crude enjoyment these guys are having onstage.  Needless to say, the EP could probably have used a “Mormon Advisory Warning” stamp on the cover just in case.

Their music can be streamed on their MySpace page, which unfortunately is missing that “Chinese Girls On Heroin” song.  Apparently the band felt they were giving the wrong idea to today’s youth and took it off.  C’mon guys, forget about the youth!

I admit that I really only picked the disc up for the novelty of it.  It didn’t matter what it sounded like since I thought the band name itself was hilarious!  Poking around their rather fiery website gives the hint that the group isn’t together any longer since the shows haven’t been updated, but at least anything and everything Trapped By Mormons is stored on the Internet for all time.  So you see, we’ve all got our own kind of cramped room on this Internet place to store our mess, and people like Trapped By Mormons and myself are busy filling up the place in the vaguest chance that you barge in sometime.

  1. Mixtape Master Jip-C
    August 13, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    Trapped by Mormons RULE all that is alive!
    I love all of them crazy guys!

  1. November 4, 2010 at 11:29 am

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