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Fitz of Depression – Swing

K Records, 1995fitz_of_depression

If there is an album cover that disguises better than this record’s grinning bird, I’d like to see it.  I’m not sure if the bird is supposed to be a version of one half of Heckle and Jeckle, but it certainly pops out at you past the band name.  I think it was this aspect that made me pick up this record by Fitz of Depression, but I was also interested in why the three guys on the black & white back cover threw sacks over their heads.  Really, it was curious all around.

Turns out these guys are my type of thing with the bang around rock it out sound that, despite not having much along the lines of clarity, has that pump fist element to it.  Although the instrumental opener of “We Three” gives the impression it’s just another rock record, the ensuing nine tracks envelop you with a garage punk immediacy.   I particularly like “No Movie Tonight” because its quick bass intro and onrush of thrash gives a harsh burst on a record that, truthfully, doesn’t quite need it yet.   The only ballad that I could pick out of this record is “She Wants to Know”, which is still pretty quick for something that sounds like a loving emotion was at least tried.  Then it’s back to the punch in the face of “Mind Over Matter” and so on.  Although I can’t really pick out any lyrics, this really is a rousing album to listen to.

This record could easily have been made recently on a small indie label, but instead it was completed with zeal in the mid-nineties when grunge was on the way out and the great mystery of the late nineties trend was still before us. I certainly can’t say this record is for everyone, and would completely understand if one listened to it and thought it was just a bunch of noisy riffs with some guy hoarsely yelling over it. Despite that, I do feel this record is worth a listen for anyone who likes rock n roll because it is a release that doesn’t sound like it has been overproduced or slicked out with posturing that is very common in today’s ‘indie punk’ music. At least the rawness of Fitz of Depression, in their last full length record, might be appreciated regardless of whether anything truly hooks the listener. Truth is, many bands this decade seem to overthink their efforts all too much so that whatever ‘right now’ gusto they want to deliver is completely lost. Fitz of Depression doesn’t make that mistake whatsoever.

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  1. Becc
    February 5, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    The bird is actually a mascot for a chain of stores in Chehalis, WA called Shop ‘N Kart and Yardbirds. Fun fact…

    • -evan-
      February 5, 2012 at 4:00 pm

      Hey, thanks for the fun fact indeed! Only been out to Seattle, so never would’ve known that tidbit.

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