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Wreckx-N-Effect – Hard or Smooth

MCA Records, 1992

I distinctly remember an English classmate of mine repeating the fact that all he wants to do is a bazoom zoom zoom and a boom boom.  I’m not sure if my English teacher truly appreciated that nonsense, but Wreckx-N-Effect were pioneers of video booty at the time.  Just picture an MTV with Boyz II Men, All-4-One and SWV singing casually with their squeaky clean escapades just standing around and singing.  Boring.  Then Nirvana came in with cheerleaders and some noise, yet it was still what was expected for rock videos despite its strange gymnasium setting.  Then Wreckx-N-Effect show up with the bikinis, the beach party, and the butts.  Oh dayum.  Needless to say, eighteen years later and I feel that I need to properly review the merits of this group since I’m an established music critic.  For a dollar, it was time.

Just to get past the obvious, just know that “Rump Shaker” is a classic.  All one needs to start a party is that opening saxophone note and everyone already knows what is coming.  In case you don’t know what would be coming and don’t want to be caught unawares at a future party, er, I believe you should be prepared for the naughty dance.  A chick playing a saxophone in a bikini will likely suddenly appear as well.

The rest of the songs following “Rump Shaker” contain a similar party sound, but none measure up to the single.  “New Jack Swing II” has one of the rappers sounding like he’s a member of Kriss Kross, which is miggidy-miggidy-miggidy alarming.  The band then proceeds through a few party songs before they get a little more sensual in “Tell Me How You Feel”.  I imagine its message might be hard for a woman to take seriously after she saw the entire crew in a video dancing with a large group of half-naked women on the beach.  But hey, don’t judge.  The guys want to know some feelings with aggressive rapping and smooth backing vocals.  Oh yeah, and they also want you to drop and do the booty wop (oooooooh!).

There were a couple of catchy tunes like “Wreckx Shop” and “Here We Come”, each of which had a good bit of energy and swagger, but most songs get a little old after the first couple of minutes.  I found it hard to believe that most of these songs were more than 4 minutes long, but I guess the trio had something to say in detail.  Those topics were … well, probably their greatness as well as booties.  I suppose one could have entire lectures about that kind of stuff.

This is where you can find Rumpshaker:  Grooveshark

For the other stuff, it’s here:

I was a bit disappointed that there weren’t any songs that had the same charm as “Rumpshaker”, but I suppose any rap group from those times was happy that any of their songs managed to become a big single.  The rest of this record essentially contains songs that aimed for a similar vibe but fell quite short.  If it weren’t for “Rumpshaker” this record would be a total tosser, but that song saved ’em.  Plus, this disc is like a nineties rap time capsule, where rap started becoming more glitzy and overtly sexual.

As for Wreckx-N-Effect, they didn’t last too much longer after this record and permanently called it quits four years later.  No matter.  They left us men with what we needed to woo women with poetic words and invitations to gatherings.  For example, if you find yourself at a loss for words on how to initiate conversation with a woman so that she’ll respect you and consider a future relationship with you, just ask her to shake it baby, shake it down, shake it like that.  Believe me, those are magic words.

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