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Oranger – New Comes and Goes

Eenie Meenie Records, 2005

Either there was a spectacular disaster involving a hair dryer and hair gel, or that woman stepped out of the car over an air vent installed in the street.  Let’s go with the “Something About Mary” scenario for the interest of this article.  That would’ve been a flashy enough image in of itself, but the blurry guy in the white suite and the pink wrestler mask steals a little bit of that show.  Is he her date?  Is he about to grab her and give her a suplex?  Maybe he accidentally found himself in the picture and is unrelated to this scene.  It’s a curious cover and one that doesn’t allude to too much of what Oranger may sound like, but that hasn’t stopped me before from coughing up the money.

Oranger are your quintessential indie rock band without any hint of what can make modern indie rock bands a bit tedious.  There are no violins, no strange pauses, and no desperate yearning to get to the root of your feelings (man, I hate that stuff).  Though it may sound boring on paper, having five guys lay into some well paced music with two guitars, a bass, and a set of drums can sound refreshing in this music market.

A large majority of the tracks on the album have a strong catchy element, and that is quickly evidenced with the opener of “Crooked in the Weird of the Catacombs”.  The opening bass riff from Matt Harris carries throughout most of the song and provides a consistent momentum to underlay Mike Drake’s vocals.  The title track, “Outtatoch”, “Radiowave” follow with strong pop rock hovering around three minutes each.  With Drake’s voice, “Sukiyaki” actually sounds like a Wilco rock song circa “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot”.  Although “Flying Pretend” absolutely kills the momentum with its plain piano, the band ends the record quite well with a flurry of tunes that remind one of why the album sounded great in the first place.

Currently on hiatus, Oranger still has a website up for if and when they opt to get back to making albums.  It’s got music to listen to there, too.

Oranger aren’t any kind of break through band or even the best indie pop rock band out there.  However, given that some of the more prominent indie rockers try to style themselves up, promote themselves to death, or try image themselves after things they consider artistically ironic, it can be a bit overwhelming to know which band actually sounds good.  Oranger manage to dodge a lot of that fluff and are an indie rock band that people should actually give more of a listen to.  For a dollar and nearly zero hype, Oranger gets the Golden Dollar from me.

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