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A Band of Bees – Sunshine Hit Me

We Love You Records, 2002bandOfBees

I should’ve known what to expect from a band that resides on a label called We Love You.  However, like all unique band names, this one lingered on the mind due to my being familiar with the fact that these guys have joined up on a few festivals around the country.  They were always in the fourth or fifth line of acts, sure, but they stuck out as a band for me to look into further.  Well, turns out I was able to check this band out for a very affordable dollar.

The good thing about this disc is that for a dollar bin disc it’s something you would not have much luck running into again anytime soon.  The band’s sound holds up well after seven years because, guess what, bands are still doing this type of music.  The music, if you couldn’t tell by the pink album cover with a somewhat childish, rainbow-jerseyed wrestler, is indie pop at its kindest.  Light tapestries of instruments flow in and out of every tune so that you fall into a relaxed, grinny state because its all just a happy blanket around the ears.  It’s light enough to fit into anyone’s collection as a decent background music choice for an easy get together, but I didn’t really feel that this one could be a favorite listen to anyone.

I couldn’t find too much to listen to on this record via the usual places, but I did find a live version of “A Minha Menina” on YouTube that sizes these guys up well.  You can also check out what they sound like on their nifty-looking website as well MySpace.

It all ends up as a cute record but nothing to get excited about unless you’ve been searching for that low vibe, stay loose record for years now.  If you do end up truly appreciating this album the group goes by ‘the Bees’ in the United Kingdom and they are still around as far as I know.  So are a lot of these indie poppers …

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