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The Revelers – Day In, Day Out

SpinART Records, 1999revelers

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “revelry” is defined as noisy partying or merrymaking.  That ‘or’ opens up the interpretation that one could sound like Motley Crue or simply sound like the catchier side of the Beatles if a band was named the Revelers.  I did pick this disc up thinking this would be a liquor-fueled, tv-throwing escapade into sleazy rock debauchery.  I guessed wrong and got some moptop spinoffs instead.

Most songs on this record by this Cleveland-based quartet won’t make too many people upset.  You’ve got the strong upbeat track early on in “Detroit Bridge (Summertime)” as well as the steady rocker of “Last Mistake”, so no one will think these guys are trying to get too cute to keep one listening.  In fact, the Revelers string eight songs together before they get uncharacteristically soft with “So Long”.  What is great about this band is also what is rather bland about this band; even though the Revelers are snappy and energetic with their pop rock songs, they also don’t offer much more than what they serve up early on in the record.  Some people enjoy that consistency but to others it’s just another record.

I will say that these guys do sound like they put on a great live show back when they were still around, as evidenced by their YouTube clips from a relatively recent reunion show.

The Revelers on YouTube

This is a very steady disc for a dollar and I can’t say I was all that disappointed they weren’t crashing all over the place with their music.  I suppose one could say that, even if it’s nothing truly spectacular, this is an album that your girlfriend would like.

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