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The Dirty Things – Movement Making Noises EP

dirtyThings52 Girls Records, 2006

Right smack in the middle of the dance rock movement in indie rock, the Dirty Things (not the pretty ones) put out this sharp 5-song EP that is what one would expect from a young, energetic band from those days.  Essentially, it’s a lot of high hat and earnestness, blazing through a few minutes of tunes before abruptly quitting.  If you’ve heard early Bloc Party you’ll know what these guys sound like, though unlike Bloc Party there’s not a lot of diversification of style.  It’s almost a blessing that these guys only put out an EP, for if there were four or five more songs it would all be much overplayed and the listener would certainly be bored.  At five songs, they got their message out and gave just enough of a hint as to how their approach would be if they went for a full length.

Unfortunately for the Dirty Things, they only lasted a few years until they broke up in 2006.  It’s not surprising that this record ended up in the dollar bin since it sounds a lot like other bands of the day and perhaps the style had played itself out.  However, despite their the lack of uniqueness, this is still a fun little recording if you like this kind of sound.

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