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The Sippy Cups – Electric Storyland!

Independent release, 2006

Yeah man, the Sippy Cups!  No, I don’t have a kid and no, I’m not averse to reviewing a sextet that have named themselves after spill prevention drinking glasses.  For all I know, the Sippy Cups have deliberately disguised their death metal tendencies by illustrating their record covers with trippy cheeriness.  As a music reviewer, one has to be ready to confront any kind of curve ball deceptions that those indie bands try to throw once in awhile.  Granted, songs like “Snail Guy” and “Magic Toast” prooooooobably mean this is a kids disc.  Hey, my brother and sister-in-law may be the only readers of this review, but they also get a freebie when it’s written up.  The rest of you will just have to deal.

The Sippy Cups start off with the bone-crushingly fecal-throwing title track … okay, okay, a slight exaggeration.  It’s a cute, dreamy welcome to “Electric Storyland” that leads into a more psych poppy “Drinking From the Sky”.  I imagine this song is a good retort for parents that are frustrated when their kids whine about being thirsty.  Hey kids, why don’t you just go outside and drink some rain, eh?  EH?!  Nice one, Sippy Cups.

“Meet Major Minor” is a kiddie equivalent to some of those hip hop skits, like Noreaga’s “Animal Thug Interlude” or the Pharcyde’s “Yaaaaaaaaaay Bitch!”.  There’s much, much less vulgarity and crudeness, sure, and Major Minor sounds like he should be demoted immediately to Private First Class at the Psych Ward, but it’s amusing for the little ones.  “Superguy Returns” and “Hair Professor & the Jellyfish” are a couple of other ones that might get them giggling.

You know, for a band that caters to children the Sippy Cups actually sound pretty good.   “Use Your Words” has all the elements of an upbeat danceable pop rock tune that an adult might even find engaging.  “Little Puffer” turns out to be a ramble tamble type of tune that prefaces the epically rock space-out of “I Am a Robot”, which hints a little bit at Pink Floyd.  If the subject matter wasn’t so obvious and the dainty tunes didn’t remind one that this is a record for kids, I could imagine that the Sippy Cups might succeed as a fun indie pop band around the blogosphere.

The Sippy Cups actually go on tour!  For the kids!  Give a listen to them here if you’re considering hanging out with a few pint-sized humans.

Sometimes one thinks that when you have kids you are forced to listen to Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street soundtracks all day long.  The tinny, chirpy voices eventually gnaw on the ears and a sad resignation may set in when it comes to what must fill the air to keep the little ones happy.  However, the Sippy Cups prove that not all music for the food-smearing, potty-averse crowd has to be mundane.  If you have a kid or know someone who does, consider picking up something by the Sippy Cups.  Even better if you can get it for a dollar!

By the way, happy 3rd birthday Zachary!

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