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Le Mans – Le Mans/Entresemana

Grimsley Records, 1994leMans

I must admit that, as much as it’d be utterly fascinating to write about bands that I have had no prior knowledge or influence from, I actually do have an inkling about some of these before I pick them up. As a college (er, now post-college) radio DJ going on 10+ years, I’ve seen quite a few fledgling bands put out a record and have remembered them from years past due to album design or just a catchy band name. In the case of the Spanish group Le Mans, I recall my furiously indie comrades liking this simply designed record at the time, so sure enough it was worth the change to nab it from the deep muck of R&B singles and local band one-shots.

Le Mans have had an interesting career that one may have certainly missed when they were active in the nineties.  Their first two records, collected here, are very strong in their upbeat pop enjoyment.  The very calm, breathy delivery of Teresa Iturrioz is quite soothing no matter what the sprightly guitar is doing from track to track, and her unshakable demeanor rivals that of Stephen Merritt during his most morose.  One of the guys in the band even slips in to help sing a tune or two and, thankfully, he doesn’t kill the happy vibes with a brutal voice.  !Bueno!  As for what these songs are about it is certainly beyond me, but unlike Merritt I get the feeling that these songs don’t disguise their lyrical content by the peppy music, or vice versa.  There is a noticeable difference of composition from one record to the next, with “Le Mans” presenting a light pop approach whereas “Entresemana” contains a few more instruments and sounds a little sadder.  However, all of the songs are quite enjoyable, so one should really listen to a few more than what I’m about to guide you to.

Not much can be found from these guys online since it has been awhile, but I like this unofficial Youtube video of “Con Peru En La Playa” simply showing a woman walking on sandy pathway surrounded by water.  It fits the mood of the song perfectly.

This is as good of a pop record as one can get from a dollar bin, and hey, it’s actually two records! Le Mans, sadly, split up around 1998 but not after they released a few more singles and records that were primarily available outside of the States. Even though there were plenty of cutesy pop bands over here performing songs of wistful love and loss, I think that Le Mans should’ve had as big of a following here as they did over there in Spain.

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