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Warship – Supply and Depend

Vagrant Records, 2008

There is nothing to comment about that album cover; it is epically awesome.  It’s got that sweet, swirling metal font for the band name, a 1776-like album title ribbon, and the excellently artful battleship in the middle.  Didn’t care what they sounded like… well, sorta already knew thanks to it being a Vagrant release.  This is the sort of album cover that one wishes to blow up to poster size and just stick it somewhere prominent.  If anyone cares, some guy named Brad Bacon created it.  Nice one.  Oh, onto the music…

Warship oscillate between heavy metal and hardcore throughout the album, which succeeds in making something that could easily fall into monotony something more enjoyably diverse.  Well, diverse for loud, heavy rock that is.  “Toil” is a typical track that involves a lot of screaming by Francis Mark and plenty of noisy help from Rob Lauritsen.  As the only two guys in the band, they both perform double duty on the critical instruments for this recording.

“Profit Over People” jacks the speed and intensity even higher, which is a level returned to often in songs like “We’ve Never Been Equal” and “Empty Vessel”.   Although Warship is often trying to maximize their presence in the listener’s air space, they do an excellent job changing tempos from song to song.  Just as “Profit Over People” seems to leave an impression that Warship will be high intensity all of the time, “Wounded Paw” provides a nice mid-tempo breather that shifts quickly back and forth from slow to fast.  Also, even though “Empty Vessel” and “The Waiting List” pounce and pulverize, the group possibly lays on their best song “Indoors” to cool off a bit into conclusion.   After a track list full of songs that seem to accuse someone of neglect and/or carelessness, the tone of “Indoors” is one of exhaustion.  Tell me about it.

Bludgeon your musical senses at Warship’s MySpace page for a few tunes.

Warship are what they are, and that is oppressive force.  If hardcore or metal are your thing then certainly go and find this record if you can.  It seems that this may be a one and done record, for the two members of the band have since carried on with other projects.  Since it was recorded not long ago, I imagine there is still a chance for the two to get back together and produce more of the heavy stuff together.  Their biggest challenge, however, is to somehow top that album cover.  I don’t think it’s possible.

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