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The Sirens – Self-Titled

December 8, 2009 2 comments

Get Hip Recordings, 2004

Four women dressed in vinyl clothing and boots posing rather nonchalantly on the cover.  Big explosion graphics are blaring behind them.  One of them is wearing a bright red outfit that has a devil on it with the line “Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide”.  You’re going to leave this in the dollar bin?!  I certainly didn’t, because even if it turned out to be one loud, overhyped production of feeble swill I was certainly impressed with the visual introduction.

The Detroit-based Sirens turn out to be a fiery, heavy-hitting rock band that turns up the amps on some classic, and not so classic, glam rock songs.  The first one off the disc was the perfect tune to rival the pop of the cover art.  The Sirens’ version of Gary Glitter’s “I Didn’t Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock and Roll)” is one of the heaviest, powerful songs I’ve ever heard blare out from a female-led rock band.  I’ve heard harder and louder, but none that matches up to actually being any good.  This cover really encapsulates what the Sirens bring, which is loud power riffs, in your face attitude, and the harsh rock chick vocals of a lead singer named Muffy (the one in red, as it so turns out).  Through some research it sounds like a much beefier Glitter version, but is very very similar to a Rock Goddess version.  Either way, I love the song as it just kills.

Other covers on the record are nearly just as fist pumping if not certainly fist tapping.  The cover of “Chez Maximes”, originally done by the Hollywood Brats, is a great, energized version of a tune not very well known.  The Sirens also do a strong rendition of Suzi Quatro’s “Glycerine Queen”, which is only fitting for them since they pick out Quatro as one of their influences on their website.  The group sometimes doesn’t stick with the glam, as they cover an oldie by Joy Byers entitled “Ain’t Gonna Cry No More” which sounds like it probably had a poppier sound originally but now has a lot more edge.  Truth is, none of these tracks lays down and dies as a piece of unlistenable filler.  If one ignores the fact that the Sirens merely a cover band, one could certainly think that this was a record from a band that was an exciting godsend of an all-girl quartet not seen since the Runaways.  In 2004, if I had heard of these ladies then, I’d have moved immediately to (a nice, plushy suburb of) Detroit!

Check them out on Myspace:  The Sirens

Unfortunately, it appears that the Sirens are no more given the fact that they haven’t updated their MySpace page and their main band address is shot.  They did manage to put out another record and never got away from doing covers.  This fact, along with the heavy rotation of group members, may have been the reason for the end of the Sirens.  It’s a pity, for this debut record really invoked a powerful combination of heavy glam rock that there doesn’t seem to be much of these days.  Perhaps Detroit will think of something else.

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